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Edition December 2015 - Crédit Agricole S.A.
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  • Edition December 2015

    PRISME - Crédit Agricole Agriculture and Agri-food economic bulletin

    Cereal prices continue to weaken, as a result of bumper crops two or three years running. Stocks are expected to remain high. The level of demand is essential in this context; paradoxically, the principal expectation of support for consumption is to be found in China. The current economic slowdown has had little impact on food consumption there, which remains healthy.

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  • Content:

    - Key

    - Global grain: As production booms, what will China be consuming?
    - Animal resistance to antibiotics: The end of an era for animal healhcare players?

  • Extract:

    Although the emergence or the resurgence of diseases of animal origin are nothing new, the magnitude of zoonoses (infections passed from animals to humans) and the emergence of animal-origin antibiotic resistance are now raising new questions and challenges. In the face of these growing concerns, governments are reacting and people are making greater demands for action. Livestock breeders, singled out for their role in the rise of antibiotic resistance, are adapting and innovating, and veterinary laboratories are also trying to diversify through innovation.  

  • Associative topics : Agriculture and Agrifood | Asia and Oceania | France


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