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Edition October, 2015 - Crédit Agricole S.A.
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  • Edition October, 2015

    PRISME - Crédit Agricole Agriculture and Agri-food economic bulletin

    Milk has fallen by more than 20% in ten months and could fall further. And yet, all projections point to dairy products having a bright future worldwide. The new but long-anticipated factor is price volatility, the result of new disruption to the balance of supply and demand. Faced with such uncertainty, how can producers hope to achieve an adequate income and calm the turmoil that looks set to become the norm as global markets clash?
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    - Obesity
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    The worldwide rise in obesity and related diseases has become a pressing public health issue. In addition to lifestyles, the primary question is that of the addictive nature of certain foods identified as "fatty, sweet and salt-laden". Tax, regulations and legal action will become increasingly influential in this area. The agri-food industry is seeing increasingly health-conscious and product-wary consumers. The challenge is to offer healthier products without affecting their flavour and losing ground to the competition.
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