Prisme - Edition September, 2014 - Crédit Agricole S.A.
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  • Edition September, 2014

    PRISME - Crédit Agricole Agriculture and Agri-food economic bulletin

    Russia is the leading importer of European pork, cheese, fruit and veg. Announced on 7 August, the Russian embargo exposes Europe's internal market to a risk of fruit, vegetable and milk production surpluses. France exports limited volumes of agricultural produce to Russia but could be affected by a return of goods on the internal market.

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  • Content:

    - Key

    - Russian embargo

    - Cattle

    - Feed

  • Extract - Transatlantic trade

    The conclusion of transatlantic negotiations should make it easier for US beef to be imported into Europe. This would hardly be an invasion but we can understand the concerns of a rather defensive European and especially French industry.

  • Associative topics : Agriculture and Agrifood


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