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Edition January 18, 2016 - Crédit Agricole S.A.
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  • Edition January 18, 2016

    Political issues – Where the anger is coming from

    The issue of populist movements does not stop at elections. In the longer term, it poses the problem of the legitimacy of elites and solutions for reconciling democracy and globalisation. In fact, we have now entered into a political cycle, ie, a point in history where politics has taken over from the economy and is imposing its own rationality. There is no going back: we are seing a transition of both internal and external political equilibrium.

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  • Contents:

    - The mechanics of populism
    - Globalisation and technological advances have divided societies, and the divisions are expressed in the polarisation of ideas.
    - The social impasse has fed into the crisis of leadership.
    - How corruption and the Internet channelled a sense of powerlessness into a sense of injustice. How injustice triggers crises. And how Tocqueville saw it all coming...

  • Extract:

    The resurgence of populist movements has always heralded a weakening of democracies. Such movements emerge when traditional political parties lose their legitimacy. They fill a political vacuum and are a symptom of the crisis before becoming its cause. The epidemic of "strong men" (and strong women) is no chance occurrence: a consequence of institutional weakness, it reflects a crisis in leadership and the need for a return to the nation state as a response to globalisation.
    This cycle is also leading into a geopolitical transition, with the shift from a world centred on the United States to an unstable system where nation states are no longer held in check by multilateralism; where the Internet has opened up a space for cyber wars.
    In this world, political risk now has a systemic dimension, and the vastly increased effects of contagion between politics and geopolitics are benefitting populist movements.

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