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Macro Prospects

A quarterly publication setting out the Crédit Agricole scenario for the economy, interest rates and currencies in the main economic regions, ie, the Americas, Europe and Asia.


  • Edition June, 2014
    Q1 14 was disappointing. A few economies saw higher-than-forecast growth, while others. This is because there are still persistent doubts about the scale of the rebound. Central banks are also asking the same questions. In view of all this, it is not surprising that the fixed income and currency markets should be hesitant. Of course interest rates will rise, but by how much and when are the questions still open to debate.


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Get to the nitty gritty, but without losing sight of the rest!

  • Edition March 2014

    One shouldn't always extrapolate from the recent past. Markets and economists seem to agree that the disappointment early this year regarding the improvement in global economic conditions will be short-lived. The "managing of expectations" by central banks is proving more complicated than expected. Geopolitical risk is higher. There is still no sign of volatility disappearing from the markets!


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Improving, not normalising

Believing in an exit from the top

  • Edition October 2013

    The market will be channelling several trends over the coming months and we need to try and understand what the overall trend will look like. In the growth arena, an upside trend can be seen in each of the world economy's four largest regions. But visibility on the growth rates to be achieved over the coming quarters is poor. The first factor raises hopes that a virtuous circle will develop, each region driving the others on.


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