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Macro Prospects

A quarterly publication setting out the Crédit Agricole scenario for the economy, interest rates and currencies in the main economic regions, ie, the Americas, Europe and Asia.

  • Edition September 2014 Divergence and dissonance
    The fact that things seem to be normalising in the US is not just a piece of luck. It is very probably the consequence of a series of past initiatives that have begun to bear fruit. Elsewhere, the sense of clarity is definitely poorer. In Europe, and especially within the Eurozone, the situation remains confused and prospects are bleak.


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Forecasts Prospects

Aperiodic publication - Tabular data for Crédit Agricole economic and financial forecasts.

  • Forecasts Prospects - September 2014 Economic and financial forecasts
    This publication presents the economists' forecasts for interest rates, exchange rates and commodity prices, along with the Crédit Agricole Group's central economic projection.


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French Macro Prospects

A quarterly analysis of the French macro-economic environment, with forecasts out to two years.

  • French Macro Prospects - Edition July, 2014 France - ISEs: appraisal, impact, issues
    The rise of intermediate-sized enterprises (Entreprises de Taille Intermédiaire – ISEs) is often seen to be spearheading France's industrial re-conquest. Such companies, which combine the benefits both of SMEs and large corporations, have been able to develop, expand into foreign markets, and increase their activity. The French ecosystem must nevertheless continue to adapt in order to support this class of firm and foster the emergence of national champions.


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Italy Macro Prospects

A quarterly analysis of the Italian macro-economic environment, with forecasts out to two years.

  • Italy Macro Prospects - Edition July, 2013 Trying to save time is a waste of time
    Playing for time while waiting for an improvement in the European economic situation risks miring the Italian economy in recession. Seeking to capitalise on the stability of the financial markets and fiscal consolidation in hopes of achieving some slight room for manoeuvre will not be enough, either. What is really needed are speedy measures to improve the financial situation of Italy's SMEs, even if it takes means other than traditional bank credit to do so.


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