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Emerging Countries Prospects

Monthly – A round-up of economic affairs in emerging economies with commentaries.

  • Edition April 28, 2015 Emerging Countries – Monthly News Digest
    Highlights: Hungary's foreign currency reserves are satisfactory despite "forintisation". What will Russia's growth figures mean? Morocco wants fewer euros and more dollars for setting its exchange rate. With Nigeria political risk gone, the naira has stabilised against the dollar. The transition is difficult in China. Brazil keeps to its course in the storm.


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Macro Prospects

A quarterly publication setting out the Crédit Agricole scenario for the economy, interest rates and currencies in the main economic regions, ie, the Americas, Europe and Asia.

  • Edition April 1, 2015 World – Macroeconomic Scenario for 2015-2016
    The recovery, which was restricted to the US and UK only a few months ago, is now definitely spreading to other countries. The growth upticks in the Eurozone and Japan differ from the cruising speed now achieved in the US. First off, they are far more modest. They are also more fragile, as they owe a great deal to the drop in oil prices. Another support factor, this time linked more to economic policies, is the relative strength of the US dollar.


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Forecasts Prospects

Aperiodic publication - Tabular data for Crédit Agricole economic and financial forecasts.

  • March 2015 Economic and financial forecasts
    This publication presents the economists' forecasts for interest rates, exchange rates and commodity prices, along with the Crédit Agricole Group's central economic projection.


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French Macro Prospects

A quarterly analysis of the French macro-economic environment, with forecasts out to two years.

  • Edition April 28, 2015 France – Macroeconomic scenario for 2015-2016
    The current environment is favourable to a quickening in the pace of French growth. This is, in fact, what has been forecast for Q1, with a sustained increase in real GDP. Yet when one analyses the composition of growth over the recent period, one cannot but feel disquiet about the French economy. The low level of investment, in terms of both quantity and quality, is a real problem in these post-crisis times. Our 2015-2016 scenario is based on this two-sided picture.


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Italy Macro Prospects

A quarterly analysis of the Italian macro-economic environment, with forecasts out to two years.

  • Edition July, 2013 Trying to save time is a waste of time
    Playing for time while waiting for an improvement in the European economic situation risks miring the Italian economy in recession. Seeking to capitalise on the stability of the financial markets and fiscal consolidation in hopes of achieving some slight room for manoeuvre will not be enough, either. What is really needed are speedy measures to improve the financial situation of Italy's SMEs, even if it takes means other than traditional bank credit to do so.


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