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Eclairages Emergents

Eclairages Emergents is an aperiodic publication offering a series of articles addressing emerging economies or an emerging region from a variety of angles.

  • Edition January 30, 2015 China: What if growth slows to 5%?
    China is slowing not only as a result of Beijing's intention to move towards a new growth model, but also because of production overcapacity and overleveraging. This makes short-term management of the economy tricky. It is not impossible that growth could slow to 5%, either in 2015 or gradually over the next three years. In either case, there would be consequences for the rest the global economy, though presumably nothing comparable to the 2009 crisis.


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Eclairages Macro

Eclairages Macro is an aperiodic publication providing in-depth analysis of a specific topic.

  • ?? Edition December 2011 Greece vs. Argentina: looks can be deceiving
    Since the beginning of the Greek crisis in late 2009, it has become increasingly common to compare Greece today with Argentina's situation ten years ago. Given Argentina's post-crisis economic recovery, some go as far as to predict, or even recommend, that Greeks opt for an identical shock therapy by exiting from the euro zone, reintroducing a severely devalued national currency and going into a unilateral default. Nevertheless, comparisons are often misleading. We see several major differences that make the Greek situation unique and that require extreme caution when considering the best remedy to be used to end the crisis.


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Eclairages Industry

An aperiodic publication providing an analysis relative to an industry topic.

  • Edition April 2011 Brazilian industry: technological challenges and sustainable growth
    Brazil's economy returned to strong growth in 2010. How sustainable the growth in Brazilian industry? Government policy will play an even greater role in stimulating and directing investment in mining (including petroleum) and manufacturing than it plays in agriculture (see Eclairages Industriels, March 2011). Brazil is betting on technology to confirm its position as an industrial power.


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