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    ECB: upbeat and flexible

    March 6, 2015

    From a macro perspective, yesterday's biggest surprise came from the upbeat revisions to medium-term ECB staff forecasts, with 2017 GDP (2.1%) and HICP (1.8%) median projections reflecting a high degr ...

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    UK: CPI inflation drops to a record low


    In January 2015, the consumer price inflation fell to 0.3%. This is the lowest 12-month rate on record and comes after three consecutive months of decline in prices. The previous lowest CPI inflation ...

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    France: Mortgage lending rates

    Edition January 2015

    Mortgage lending rates are likely to stop falling and stabilise.Long-term rates could rise very gradually in 2015. Lending rates stop falling could lead to a slight fall-off in sales in the pre-owned ...


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    In collaboration with Crédit Agricole S.A.'s Economic Research Department, Crédit Agricole CIB develops its own axes of research: Global Markets Research, which covers underlying macroeconomic asset ...

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  • March 6, 2015

    ECB: upbeat and flexible

    From a macro perspective, yesterday's biggest surprise came from the upbeat revisions to medium-term ECB staff forecasts, with 2017 GDP (2.1%) and HICP (1.8%) median projections reflecting a high degree of confidence over the impact of QE on financial markets and the economy. However, it must be noted that, as a result of a change in methodology, the 1.8% forecast for 2017 HICP incorporates the full expected impact of monetary-easing measures for the first time ever.


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  • Edition March 2015

    Emerging Countries - Monthly News Digest

    Highlights: EU aid continues to rise in Central Europe. The rating agencies have modified their analysis of Russia. 2015 will be more favourable for Morocco. Currency depreciation was fairly widespread in Sub-Saharan Africa in 2014. In China, inflation saw a further fall in January. In Mexico, oil production and the public accounts are adrift.


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  • Edition February 2015

    PRISME - Crédit Agricole Agriculture and Agri-food economic bulletin

    France has regained its position as the world's leading wine producer, but its 2014 exports tell a sorry tale. Volumes are expected to fall further, with weaker penetration of its main markets, especially the USA and the UK. Some positive factors are coming into play for the 2014-2015 season. The harvest has been good and global consumption is picking up. But questions remain as to whether French wine can win back market share.


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  • Edition February 27, 2015

    Spain - The rapid rise of Podemos threatens political stability

    Spain political landscape is changing rapidly. The rise of the 12-month old anti-establishment party of Pablo Iglesias, Podemos, is breaking the country two-party system. Lying behind voters support for Podemos is an austerity fatigue, but also the anger against the corruption of the two traditional parties, the socialists PSOE and, even more, the currently ruling rightist Partido Popular (PP).


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  • Edition February 23, 2015

    Greece: four more months of hope and risks

    The 19 February Eurogroup agreement lays the ground for continued financial assistance to Greece pending the approval of a list of reforms to be submitted by the Greek government today. It looks unclear how the Greek government will fund itself during the negotiations process; a further deterioration in the state cash position could require an increase in T-bills issuance as a bridging option.


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  • Edition January 2015

    France - Housing: resistance

    The French housing market continues to gradually adjust downwards. But the trends differ between new-build and pre-owned. In the pre-owned sector, the number of sales is still high, at 700,000 units in 2014, down 13% on the highs of 2006-2007. Prices have seen a very measured fall, of 1% in Q3 and of a total 6% since the end of 2011. In new-build, however, the correction is marked, with a drop in sales and housing starts of around 35% relative to the 2006-2007 highs. This gradual adjustment should continue in 2015.


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  • Edition February 6, 2015

    Greece : "extend and pretend" will probably not be the end

    In spite of mounting pressure we believe that an agreement between Greece and its creditor countries will be achieved and we look at a 'Grexit' as a tail risk.The compromise should probably be a mix of maturity extension, more concessional rates, fiscal easing and structural reforms.Fiscal easing should favour rather than jeopardise the success of the Greek adjustment program by providing a reflationary impulse and improving debt sustainability.


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Edition March 2015

China: Consumer price index

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