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    ECO Focus – Edition April 17, 2014

    France: breakdown of public spending by function

    50 billion € in public spending savings over three years: 19 billion € in cuts to State and State agency spending, 10 billion € in savings on healthcare spending, 11 billion € on other social spending, 10 billion € on local government.

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  • French Macro Prospects - Edition March, 2014 France: cutting-edge sectors generating trade surpluses

    Sectors seen as high-growth in terms of import potential over the next ten years are the automotive, electronics, chemical, agrifood, machinery, and textiles sectors. Aerospace and pharmaceuticals, which are favoured sectors for the French economy, are slightly less significant in terms of import potential, but should not be overlooked.

    France: cutting-edge sectors generating trade surpluses


  • Edition March 2014 US : weather impacts

    The colder than normal winter temperatures and heavy snow in the eastern part of the country put a chill on economic activity that began in December and continued through February. We estimate that the unseasonably cold weather trimmed around one percentage point from Q1 growth.

    US : weather impacts


  • ECO Focus - Edition March 24, 2014 Banks' five-year senior CDS spreads

    Bank funding costs have eased markedly following the OMT announcement by the ECB. UK-specific measures (notably the Funding for Lending Scheme) which are aimed at boosting bank lending, allowed UK banks' funding spreads to fall by more than those in other European countries.

    Banks' five-year senior CDS spreads


  • ECO Focus - Edition February 13, 2014 MPC's CPI inflation projections

    The MPC expects CPI inflation to remain 'at, or slightly below, the target over the forecast period', under the assumption of markets' expectations for the Bank rate.

    MPC's CPI inflation projections


  • ECO Real Estate - Edition January 2014 France: Existing housing transactions (by quaterly)

    The French housing market again saw a modest decline in 2013: sales volumes were down 2% in pre-owned housing. Between February and November, they even rose by 8% over 12 months, with close to 60,000 sales a month.

    France: Existing housing transactions (by quaterly)



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