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    Edition February 19, 2018

    Czech Republic: in 2017, the politics of fear

    The Eurobarometer survey sets out the percentage of citizens who chose the defined category as being part of the two major problems that their country is facing. In 2017, terrorism and immigration became the topics causing most concern, thereby overturning the 2012 views, which were more focused on economic concerns. 

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  • Edition February 14, 2018 UK: CPI inflation and MPC's projections

    The BoE continues to expect an overshoot in CPI inflation relative to target at the three-year point (by 11bp) and maintains its view that, as the contribution from external factors – notably the effects of the past depreciation of sterling on import costs – slowly dissipates, domestic inflationary pressures are likely to firm as the economy moves to excess demand from excess supply. 

    UK: CPI inflation and MPC's projections


  • Edition February 6, 2018 China: Contributions to growth

    Industrial production rose 6% in the year to December, slightly down on the previous month's figure of 6.1%. GDP growth came out at 6.8% in Q4 2017, the same level as in Q3, for a total 6.9% over last year as a whole.

    China: Contributions to growth


  • Edition February 2, 2018 France: Household ability to purchase homes

    At each period, we calculate the surface area an average household can buy at market prices, lending rates and mortgage duration in line with an affordability ratio of 30% (mortage repayments/income). This indicator thus measures a household's ability to purchase a home. The surface area that this average household can afford changes cyclically around an average surface area of about 90sq.m.

    France: Household ability to purchase homes


  • Edition 26 January 2018 UK: Household consumption and consumer confidence

    Purchasing power should pick up slightly over the coming quarters due to the effect of a forecast gradual easing of inflation and a slight uptick in the rate of increase in wages, both factors that should have more impact than the slowdown in employment. Growth in real incomes should nevertheless remain weak.

    UK: Household consumption and consumer confidence


  • Edition January 17, 2018 France: Quarterly growth and contributions

    An acceleration in GDP growth was confirmed in the third quarter (+0.6% qoq, for the third consecutive quarter). The growth overhang for 2017 comes out at 1.8%.

    France: Quarterly growth and contributions



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