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    Edition August 1, 2017

    Saudi Arabia: Sovereign ratings LT

    Due to the deterioration in the large macroeconomic balances, and the rise in public and foreign debt, the rating agencies downgraded the Kingdom's sovereign rating between 2015 and 2017. Even so, the rating is still between four and seven notches above the investment grade threshold.

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  • Edition July 26, 2017 France: Existing housing sales and prices

    Prices for pre-owned homes are forecast to rise 4% in 2018, due to the lagged effect of higher sales in 2017, and look set to slow in 2019.

    France: Existing housing sales and prices


  • Edition July 19, 2017 India: Demand

    GDP growth came out at 6.1% over 12 months in Q1, compared with 7% in the previous quarter and 9.2% in the same year-earlier period.

    India: Demand


  • Edition July 12, 2017 France: Non financial corporates debt ratios

    The debt ratio of non-financial companies (NFCs) is defined as the ratio between their debt and their value-added (VA). It has been observed that this ratio has seen a steady, fairly marked rise since 2006. It stood at 134.2% of value-added in Q1 2017, compared with 94% at the start of 2006.

    France: Non financial corporates debt ratios


  • Edition June 7, 2017 Mexico: Consumer prices

    The monthly change is small, at +0.12%, but April and May are traditionally months where prices fall in Mexico, so the small rise recorded last month has translated into a significant spurt in inflation, to 5.8% y/y, vs 5.4% in March. All components in the index have contributed to the acceleration.

    Mexico: Consumer prices


  • Edition May 23, 2017 France : quarterly growth and contributions

    GDP saw a modest increase in Q1 2017, with growth in line with expectations (+0.3% over the quarter). The growth figure is driven by an acceleration in business and household investment, as well as by inventories, while household consumption is virtually lifeless and foreign trade is making a negative contribution.

    France : quarterly growth and contributions



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