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    Edition March 2015

    China: Consumer price index

    China's consumer price index rose by 0.8% y/y, compared with 1.5% the previous month, - its lowest level since November 2009. In parallel, food and producer prices rose 1.1% and fell by 4.3% respectively. The increase in food prices should be compared with the 2.9% increase in December and producer prices with a drop of 3.3%. In both cases, at any rate, these figures are the lowest for at least five years. Elsewhere, exports fell by 3.3% y/y last month, whereas they had risen by 9.7% in December. And imports fell by 19.9%, after a drop of 2.4% in the previous month.

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  • Edition February 27, 2015 Spain: Metroscopia opinion polls for El Pais (estimated votes)

    In February 2015, Metroscopia opinion poll showed that if elections were to be held today, Podemos would lead both the PP and the PSOE with 27.7% of votes versus 20.9% for the PP.

    Spain: Metroscopia opinion polls for El Pais (estimated votes)


  • Edition January 2015 France: Mortgage lending rates

    Mortgage lending rates are likely to stop falling and stabilise.Long-term rates could rise very gradually in 2015. Lending rates stop falling could lead to a slight fall-off in sales in the pre-owned sector and more marked price falls.

    France: Mortgage lending rates


  • Edition February 6, 2015 Greece: debt reduction proposals

    The lower primary surplus option is highly vulnerable to a negative growth shock with a strong risk for debt sustainability.In absence of shocks there is a chance for Greece. Otherwise, the 'extend and pretend' strategy makes sense only if it is buying time for a more constructive solution.

    Greece: debt reduction proposals


  • Edition February 6, 2015 Labour market slack is rapidly diminishing

    The ILO unemployment rate fell to 5.8% in the three months to November compared with the previous (non-overlapping) three months, once again surprising favourably relative to consensus expectations. There is a non-negligible chance that the MPC's estimate of slack in the labour market will be revised to the downside (to below 1% of GDP, relative to "broadly in the region of 1% of GDP").

    Labour market slack is rapidly diminishing


  • Edition February 2015 South Korea: contribution to GDP growth

    GDP growth slowed to 2.8% y/y in the Q4 2014, compared with 3.3% in the Q3, continuing a downtrend that began nine months earlier. Due to domestic demand – to the contrary, the contribution to growth of net external demand had increased. While public and private consumption only very slightly marked time, this was not the case with investment, which grew by a small 1.1%, whereas it had risen by 3.3% in the Q3.

    South Korea: contribution to GDP growth



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