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    Edition February 5, 2016

    UK: CPI inflation: actual and expected by the MPC

    CPI inflation is expected to remain below 1% until the end of 2016, which is 0.37ppt lower than expected back in November. This reflects the sharp falls in commodity prices – in particular oil prices (oil prices were 34% lower in sterling terms than at the time of the November Inflation Report) – but also near-term weakness in domestic labour cost inflation.

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  • Edition February 2, 2016 Middle-East: unemployment

    Unemployment rates in MENA have not seen any sharp deterioration since the 2009 crisis, but remain relatively high at around 10%. The Gulf's oil producing countries are exceptions, with unemployment running at around 3%-4% (rates that have, however sometimes doubled since 2009). For Saudi Arabia, the total rate is 6%, but it is twice as high (12%) if the Saudi population alone is considered.

    Middle-East: unemployment


  • Edition January 29, 2016 France: New mortgage lending

    Gross new lending jumped sharply in 2015. New lending is likely to be up by almost 80%. These fluctuations are largely due to remortgaging.

    France: New mortgage lending


  • Edition January 11, 2016 France: household goods consumption

    Household consumption of goods saw a marked fall of 1.1% in November, the biggest one-month fall since January 2014. The drop can be put down not only to the attacks, but also to the unseasonably high temperatures, which resulted in lower household spending on energy (down 5.6%) and clothing (down 4.7%).

    France: household goods consumption


  • Edition January 6, 2016 UK: FDI international investment position in the UK by area

    Foreign direct investment (FDI) could bear the full brunt of an increase in post-Brexit regulatory uncertainty. The UK could become a less attractive destination for non-European investors that use their UK subsidiaries to operate throughout the EU as a whole. This is notably the case for the financial sector, which concentrates 27% of total FDI in the UK.

    UK: FDI international investment position in the UK by area


  • Edition January 5, 2016 Venezuela: The Assembly elected on 6 December
    Venezuela's opposition (the MUD coalition) won a massive victory in the 6 December general election, since with 112 seats out of the 167 in the National Assembly it obtained a two-thirds "super-majority" giving it extended powers, such as, for example, a recall of a minister (of members of the Supreme Court, and proposing a referendum to change the constitution.
    Venezuela: The Assembly elected on 6 December



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