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French Macro Prospects – Edition December 2014 - Crédit Agricole S.A.
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  • Edition December 2014

    France: household consumption

    Household consumption, the traditional driving force behind French growth, has been growing at a far slower rate since 2011. Growth has been restricted by low incomes. A in-depth analysis of the determinants of household consumption should allow us to sketch mid-term private consumption trends. This paper also sets out to throw light on household consumption spending on passenger vehicles. Last, we offer a close-up look at consumer lending.

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  • Content:

    - Long-term lower growth trend in household consumption
    - Cars and household consumption: lasting changes in behaviour
    - Consumer lending

  • Extract – Consumer lending

    At the end of October 2014, consumer lending accounted for 14.4% of all lending to individuals in France. This proportion had fallen significantly in the early noughties due to the take-off of mortgage lending and despite the growth in consumer lending during the same period.
    In France, consumer credit for individuals is mainly distributed by high-street bank networks and specialised credit institutions, including the captives of car manufacturers and subsidiaries of big retail banking groups. We should also include peer-to-peer lending structures, which have recently begun to develop. As at June 2014, new consumer credits for individuals were mainly distributed by specialised credit institutions (74% of new lending), which carry over half of outstanding loans.

  • Large Eurozone economies: household consumption

    Private consumption in France has been resilient, relative to what has been observed in the other main Eurozone economies.

    Large Eurozone economies: household consumption
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