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Edition December 13, 2017 - Crédit Agricole S.A.
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  • Edition December 13, 2017

    Emerging Countries – Monthly News Digest

    Highlights: In Romania, overheating could signal a cyclical downturn. In Russia, the latest growth statistics show a dip. GDP growth is picking up in Nigeria. Growth is firming up In India. In Chile, the first round of the presidential election saw the investors' favourite poll a disappointing score.
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    - Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia
    - North Africa, Middle East
    - Sub-Saharan Africa
    - Asia
    - Latin America
    - Trends to watch

  • Extract – Mexico: The NAFTA saga

    The fifth round of negotiations on the NAFTA focusing on decisive topics including automotive content rules, arbitration courts, and public sector contracts, ended with no announcements either on areas of disagreement or on the chapters where agreement is on the cards. While the Mexican representative suggested that the participants were on the verge of signing an agreement on telecoms, energy and e-commerce, the Canadian representative said that there were still major differences concerning the (delicate) topic of regional content rules. In this respect, the Trump Administration is demanding that half the content of all cars produced in North America should be manufactured in the United States and that the regional content of vehicles be increased from the current 62.5% to 85%.

  • India: Contributions to growth

    Growth came out at 6.3% yoy in Q3. It had slowed to 5.7% in Q2, its lowest level in three and a half years.

    India: Contributions to growth
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