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Edition March 29, 2017 - Crédit Agricole S.A.
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  • Edition March 29, 2017

    Emerging Countries – Monthly News Digest

    Highlights: Poland is forecast to emerge from deflation in 2017. In Russia, will Mr Putin continue to be patient? What role do women play in the Middle East and North Africa labour market? Nigeria is experiencing a liquidity crisis. In China, things are kicking off quite well? In Brazil, the Attorney General spectacularly intervened in the Odebrecht affair.

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    - Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia
    - North Africa, Middle East
    - Sub-Saharan Africa
    - Asia
    - Latin America
    - Trends to watch

  • Extract – MENA: Women's place in the labour market

    What most sets the Middle East and North Africa apart from other regions around the world in terms of the labour market is undoubtedly the particularly low participation rate of women compared to men. The ILO (International Labour Organization) has calculated that the employment rate of men, at 77%, is almost three times higher than that of women (29%), both in the MENA. Women's participation rate has risen very moderately over the last 20 years (from 2% to 5% on average in the various countries), but far more rapidly in the UAE and Qatar, which have seen an approximately 10% increase over the period. According to the latest statistics, the unemployment rate for women is also considerably higher than for men in most countries, and, again, the region is the one where the world's widest gap can be observed. Young women are particularly affected by unemployment, with an average rate of 44% – double that of young men. This is therefore the region where gender equality is least guaranteed.

  • Poland: Leaving deflation behind

    Prices in the Polish consumer basket stopped falling in November 2016. The inflation index was even up 2.2% yoy in February 2017 (1.8% in January). The rise is partly due to an increase in the price of winter vegetables, which suggests may be just a blip. Elsewhere, pressures in the labour market, with the gradual fall in the unemployment rate, have had a positive impact on wage levels.

    Poland: Leaving deflation behind
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